Starlito – “Family to Feed” ft. MobSquad Nard [Video]

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The first single from Starlito’s HOT CHICKEN album is a collaboration with Jacksonville native MobSquad Nard. The music video finds the two in Nashville, TN , where Starlito is from, amongst his family, friends, and community. MobSquad Nard joins the GRIND HARD Family, and is apparently welcome at their dinner table, as he and Starlito have apparently formed some sort of alliance/partnership. Other than Red Dot, who’s signed to Grind Hard, Nard is the only artist to feature on all 3 solo Lito projects this year.

From MANIFEST DESTINY’s “Err Time”, ATTENTION, TITHES, & TAXES 2’s “Paid In” w/ Red Dot, to HOT CHICKEN’s two features (“Family to Feed & “Draw Down”), Nard continues to stand tall next to the Southern Legend, if not steal the show entirely with his unique drawl & cadences. Look forward to many more collaborations between these two, and keep your fingers and toes crossed for a tape. In the meantime, enjoy the clip as it is heartwarming to see two street rappers show a little humility, thoughtfulness, and heck you even catch a few smiles.

Ace Hood Announces Forthcoming Project “Trust The Process”

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Ace Hood recently took to Instagram to announce that he’s releasing a new project on August 21st called “Trust the Process.” Before this announcement many were skeptical about Ace Hood and his movements, yet we see it as him taking time off for personal growth. Before the announcement, many of his posts were fitness, meditation, and relationship related, which shows a much-needed time to reflect and reinvent himself.

Ace Hood’s words expressed his many thanks for his journey and everything he learned throughout this time. He also thanked his fans for remaining patient as he got himself ready for his next steps. Last, but not least, Ace Hood thanked God. Below you will see the 3 trailers he dropped as a preview of what’s to come August21st.

Hoodrich Presents Greedy Muney’s “Daily Bread” [Mixtape]

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Daily Bread Entertainment presents the Daily Bread mixtape from Kirkwood, Atlanta rapper Greedy Muney. The tape is hosted by DJ Hoodrich Keem and features 12 tracks including “Prepaid.”

Greedy Muney – “Daily Bread” [Mixtape]

Ben Al – “Free Will Well Spent” [EP]

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“Free Will Well Spent” is a vibrant EP from Atlanta artist Ben Al. The 5-song EP is a detailed journey into the artist’s life accompanied by mesmerizing production. “FWWS” touches on success, loyalty, adversity, the grind, and good times. With the sounds of summer and lyrics from the soul, this project is a vibe that can’t be denied.

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Quicktrip – “20 off 100”

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Earlier this year, Quicktrip delivered his 650 Trip mixtape — a 14-track project that came filled with heat and collaborations with the likes of Bankroll Fresh, T.I., Offset, Future, Chief Keef, and more. Today, Street Money Worldwide presents us with Quicktrip’s new music video for “20 off 100.” Directed by RiskTakerz, Quicktrip takes it to the bando for his trap-inspired banger as he flexes his street acumen while counting seemingly endless amounts of cash. Quicktrip’s street dreams are as clear as ever and it’s certain that he will stop at nothing to fulfill his aspirations.

Ishy Ish – “Team Player” [Video]

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Watch the video for “Team Player”, a summer jam by Ishy Ish. This track illustrates how females want to be on a winning team.

Temi – “Follow You” [Video]

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Watch the visuals for Témi’s single, “Follow You,” which brings you that Summer love dance vibe. The single is off of his upcoming fall EP called Tame Me.