DJ Pretty Boy Tank

A young business savy entrepreneur from the Eastside of Atlanta, Stone Mountain to be exact, Pretty Boy Tank has been dj’ing since the age of 14.. Now, At the age of 24, Dj Pretty Boy Tank is an experienced, street savy veteran of the partying game on the Eastside streets of Atlanta. Starting off with his own house parties, Tank began taking his deejaying dream serious. “I started off deejaying with a Sony cd walkman & a 5 disc changer.” It wasnt until 2003 when Tank met up with his mentor Dj Scream and decided to step his game up. “I would sit back and see how Scream held down parties and held the mixtape game down so i knew that i could do it too because I always threw the crunkest parties in high school.” Also a member of the group Die-Hard(“Auto-Matic TKO”, “Crank Dat Rosavelt”) and the 38 Click, headed by Mr. Clean aka T-Rok from Young Capone’s(So So Def) “Im Hot”, and the official DJ of Def Jam’s F.L.Y.- Fast Life Yungstaz(Swag Surfin) Tank see’s his career only getting bigger! “Im takin these whack azz dj’s jobs cause niggaz don’t know how 2 rock parties anymore. So all you dj’s in it for the money beware, because im breaking hits!”

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7 Responses to “DJ Pretty Boy Tank”

  1. i fucks witcha my nigga keep doing ya thing…. puttin on for the streets

  2. I like ya demeanor homie! Fuk wit YHM /YoungHitMakerz! We on the rise homie! Real street talk we got hitz on hitz on hitz! Let’s do a mixtape homie! Contact CEO FETTI DiBiase’ 864-285-6649

  3. How much will it cost to get a mixtape hosted and put on live mixtapes


  5. Looking to negotiate a budget plan. With Tankor any one within “hood rich” thanks

  6. DJPrettyBoyTank
    Gooo! Watch Dem MoneyWaveBoyz
    Hatin on Me Official Videoo

  7. how much do you charge to host a mixtape?

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