Breadwinner Kane x Fredo Bang – “Bodies” (prod Zaytoven)

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Breadwinner Kane enlists Fredo Bang for the visuals of “Bodies” which was produced by Zaytoven. While flowing hard over the beat, Kane presents to his fans a bold and righteous message about transforming the negative into positives by switching environments before having to catch a body. The video premiere was recently featured on BET’s Instagram takeover.

When asked why he chose to collaborate with this producer, Kane candidly stated, “I feel like Zaytoven is one of the hottest producers in the game right now and puts out nothing but fire so every time I need a hit, I’ll call Zaytoven!”

Breadwinner Kane is also known for his previous work with Zaytoven. The pair have collaborated on numerous records together over the years. Watch the video and follow Kane on Instagram: @kanebwa

Boss Wood x Big K.R.I.T. – “Spaceships”

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Boss Wood teams up with Big K.R.I.T. for “Spaceships”, a track sure to appeal to fans that appreciate good southern rap. Produced by Okeefe, “Spaceships” blesses listeners with thought-provoking lyrics about the struggles and come ups in life. The second that Boss Wood stepped out of the booth after laying the hook for “Spaceships”, the first words out of his mouth were “Imma need K.R.I.T on this one…make it happen.” What transpired was an out-of-this world hit. Follow @iambosswood @bigkrit @okeefe415

DJ Knight ATL – “A Cold Day” Video

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DJ Knight ATL premieres the visuals for his latest single “A Cold Day” produced by Clark Make Hits. DJ Knight is known for his mixtape hosting work, breaking artists, along with his digital media company PLEASESAYTHEDJ. Stay tuned for more music coming soon and follow on social media: @djknightatl

Bino Brazy – “Myself” (Official Video) | @1binobrazy

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Soso Visions and Young Millionaire Team present the official video for Bino Brazy starring in “Myself.” “Myself” appears on the Atlanta rapper’s debut album titled Activated. The album includes guest appearances by Pooh Shiesty, Rylo Rodriguez, and Bossman.

Shonte Renee – Pretty Girlz (Video)

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Watch the latest video from Oomp Camp’s Shonte Renee and follow on IG @iamshonterenee

Bino Brazy – Off the Porch Interview

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Atlanta rapper Bino Brazy talks with DGB about his current album Activated which was released late 2020. In this exclusive interview, Bino talks about several popular singles including “Act On”, “CPN”, and “Ben 10” featuring Pooh Shiesty, as well as working with Rylo Rodriguez. The newcomer has generated a substantial following in only a short time in the southern rap scene making him a sure one to watch in 2021.

Aykay – “Hit the Cup”

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Recently California based and Texas bred rapper Aykay delivered his new club friendly single, “Hit the Cup.”

While not too many people are frequenting the clubs these days, this song is a track that will allow people to escape the troubles of our COVID-19 plagued world. 

“I would say my sound is energizing, it’s very melodic but it’s also real. I put a lot of energy in and I try to put the feelings of the emotions when I wrote it, into the performance of the lyrics. I try to be as real and transparent as I can in each song and I feel that really helps me out,” Aykay said of his music. 

Varying his sound from his last successful single “Who Diss?” with a more club friendly sound, “Hit the Cup” is a story many people can relate to when they meet someone at the club. 

Hit the Cup is really a club vibe and Who Diss? was a more personal thing, but Hit the Cup is more a track for when people can hit the club.  Everyone has had those nights where they met some girl or some dude and it was just about enjoying the moment. 2020 was a hard year for everyone including me and so this song was just about letting go,” Aykay explained. 

Fans of the song can go back and check out the single on Aykay’s previous mixtape, The Manifestation, but this song will also make its way to his upcoming and yet to be titled album.

“This will be on my next project, I don’t have a name for the album yet, but this track came out on my mixtape, The Manifestation that came out a few months ago and we ended up doubling back, so it will be pretty new to everybody.” 

For the 24Seven produced track, Aykay is dropping the music video on January 29th and according to Aykay the music video is, “an experience, just dark club vibes and hitting the cup having fun with a sexy female.”

With Aykay’s eyes set on getting a deal via his business partner Rob Terrell’s Wealth Nation label, Aykay has come a long way from his early days at LA’s Film School where he learned the recording process and how music business works. 

“I grew up in Livingston, TX in a town of about 5,000 people and I ended up joining the military. Once I was honorably discharged I ended up sleeping on my boy’s couch in Oceanside when I came across LA Film School,” Aykay said. “That was 2018 when I started school, then I graduated and actually went back for my entertainment business bachelors degree and during this time I started working with Rob and Tina and we did Who Diss?”

Aykay also has a reality TV show in the works with VH1’s sister company VH2 called Industry Certified: Journey to the Deal. 

“For the next year I’m working on getting a deal and I’m actually working with my team doing a reality show that I’m part of called Industry Certified: Journey to the Deal. It will give everyone a different view of my life. It’s not out, we are about to start recording, but it will be on Roku and all sorts of platforms. It’s the sister station of VH1.”

Bino Brazy – “CPN” [Video]

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Atlanta rapper Bino Brazy is on fire with a string of fresh releases off his full-length project Activated which debuted in November, 2020. In the video for “CPN”, which was produced by DMC Global, Bino keeps it gritty while delivering a melodic hook showcasing his authenticity. 

“My mission is to definitely touch my fans. I want them to know where I’m coming from,” Bino humbly states. “I want everybody to feel every lyric, every verse, every hook. I just want them to know, he’s not just rapping.”

@1BinoBrazy @1dmcglobal

90210 Toriono – “Michael Ealy”

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90210 Toriono - Michael Ealy_web

Since the 2020 premiere of his debut album, College Kid Convo, Jacksonville native 90210 Toriono has been making his mark on the college and radio circuit in Florida. Two of his singles, “Back to School” featuring Duval veteran Swordz, and “Michael Ealy” won the XXL contest on Power 106.1 labeling Toriono Grand Champion at the station. “Michael Ealy”, produced by TJ da Beatman, became his breakout record and a fan-favorite across all streaming platforms. While his initial album release is still gaining momentum, 90210 Toriono is keeping the buzz going with preparations for his second project aptly titled The Sophomore due out later this year.
Listen below and follow on Instagram: @90210toriono @tjdabeatman

Celebrity Nail Tech Turned R&B/Pop Singer Majur De’Veaux Delivers Exuberant New Single Dubbed “Ambition”

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Today singer/songwriter Majur Deveaux delivers her new single “Ambition,”  an upbeat yet calm single that speaks to the concepts of manifesting your dreams and elevating beyond your goals. 

Finding a balance between Trap, Pop and R&B, Majur Deveaux, connected with Mini Producer (@miniproducer) out of Atlanta who specializes in a variety of production styles which can be heard on this motivational single.

“My first single is called Ambition, and I chose the word specifically because I really believe that manifestation and ambition is really all that it takes in life. If you have the ambition everything else will fall into place because you’re chasing that goal and it’s just the way the universe works when you are chasing a goal,” Majur Deveaux said.  

“It’s a song that’s definitely more uptempo and it’s one where I can see people jogging up the street to it. It’s a song that you put on your phone to wake up in the morning. It’s got a lot of get up and go and a lot of urgency to it. The song is basically to inspire people to go after their dreams and get it. You never know what could happen ’cause it’s your life, you just gotta see it.”

Musically Majur Deveaux found her voice after she sang in a paid jazz cover band.  Taking a break from recording music, this is where Majur Deveaux built her presence on stage and found the confidence to perform in a live setting.

“I don’t really have a limit, I don’t really see this song or project as one thing because I don’t want to limit it or underestimate it. The goals of this project are to get a song on 2k, a movie or on Netflix. Run me my 2k placement,” she said laughing. 

“For this video for Ambition it was the first time I ever wore a bathing suit whether it was on camera or in person because I’ve never been comfortable in a bathing suit my whole adult life. I put it on and I felt like I looked good with the bathing suit on.  At the end of the day there are so many women that feel insecure about their bodies and there’s nothing wrong with them just like there’s nothing wrong with me. I really want to promote self love and normalizing women looking however they look and still feeling confident. I look a little bit fat on some of the angles, but I’m going to keep working out and people are going to be able to see the progress so I hope that motivates them too.”

Majur Deveaux was born in the Bahamas, and raised primarily on the West Coast where she made stops in Oakland, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Seattle, until she ultimately graduated from West Seattle High School.

From that point on Majur has been balancing life as a single mom and doubling as celebrity nail technician. To date Majur Deveaux has had the opportunity to work with a host of celebrities including Chris Brown, Paris Hilton, Drea Michell, Kevin Gates, the Kardashians and more, but now she’s branching out and showcasing her true love of music. 

In addition to her work with celebrities, Majur Deveaux has made appearances on Wipe Out, Bad Girls cCub , Keeping Up with the Kardashians, The Steve Harvey Show , W.A.G.S.., Black Ink Crew Compton , Vanderpump Rules and more. 

“I am a mom of three which is the coolest part about me. I love that about myself, and I used to try to hide it, but now I tell the world that you should be proud to be a mom and it’s never too late to chase your dreams,” Majur Deveaux explained. “I’m a celebrity nail tech in my daytime life, having worked with a host of celebrities.  I just did work on the show Wipe Out, I have a mobile nail salon that’s based out of Las Vegas and I’m a mom. Nails is life and I’m an educator, but I took a break on music to be a mom and now I’m back doing music full time.”

In addition to motivating others to elevate Majur Deveaux hopes to bring mental health awareness to the forefront of her listener’s minds. 

“I suffer from anxiety and ADHD so to be able to get 5 thing done in the morning and for me to not feel like the world is ending is a real challenge for me.  I also do kickboxing training and live an alkaline vegan lifestyle to balance things out when I can, but I really want to bring mental health awareness to people’s attention and I think this song incorporates some of that too.”