BRB Loopy – “Blessing”

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Recently Midwest rapper and prominent East St. Louis rapper BRB Loopy delivered his new visual “Blessing” to fans. Fresh out of the hospital and in recovery from a vicious shooting that almost took him from his family and loved ones, BRB Loopy returns with strength and delivers an emotional visual after taking five shots.

“I just want the fans, the older fans, the newer ones just coming in, I appreciate you all. Going through what I went through over the past few months, I know people and fans have gone through what I’ve gone through and hopefully if fans go through this they can relate. I just hope they can stick with me because we on the way for sure,” BRB Loopy explained.

As of now this song will be a single, but according to management BRB Loopy will just continue to release singles through Create Music through the next few releases.

“When I put the album together this will be on there for sure,” BRB Loopy said. “Create is bringing their staff and they are known for their social media presence. They reached out to us and so we are going to release a few records through them and see how this goes.”

In the visual BRB Loopy can be seen with his kids embracing them and holding them closely, as his perspective on life has truly changed after being humbled by the nearly fatal shooting.

“A lot has changed quickly, I got shot 5 times, I lost a kidney, still working on getting my right leg back together. After I got shot I got pulled out of my hospital bed by police and I’m still fighting a case with an ankle monitor, but the situation woke me up and the situation is a lesson learned for real for real and it’s a blessing to be alive, which is how I came up with the song” BRB Loopy said.

Refusing to give in to the perpetrators and quit rapping BRB Loopy embraced this challenge in his life by fighting for his life and coming home to his family.

“The image that I wanted to get out is about family. I wanted to make sure people felt the song and then putting those images with the song, it shows people that this is real life, this is something that really went on. The hospital scene, my family interacting in the church scene, it made sure that I was bringing everything to life. I had my family members come out so that it made it look like a full church and it really helped my image and the family images I wanted to put out,” BRB Loopy said.

With Summer on the brink of breaking through BRB Loopy has his sights on establishing some stability and focus to continue to crank out records.

“I got court this Summer and then I got my birthday and I’m hoping to get this ankle monitor removed so that I can do shows, radio and appearances that I want to make. Then I will probably be moving to Florida or Atlanta and just putting everything in my music.”

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Scotty ATL – Love Wit A Freak [Video]

Music video by Scotty ATL performing “Love Wit A Freak” featuring DJ Luke Nasty.

Swazy Styles x Dej RoseGold – “Jump” Official Audio

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Miami rapper Swazy Styles links up with Dej Rosegold for his brand new single release “Jump.” “Jump” is a follow up record to Swazy’s club smash “Twerk 4 Me” which also featured Dej Rosegold. This is a feel-good record paying homage to the 90s classic Kriss Kross song “Jump.0” Listen below and follow on Instagram for updates: @swazystyles @dejrosegold

Heartbreak Redd – “Unfortunate”

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Today South Florida based artist HeartBreak Redd delivers his new single “Unfortunate.”  Combining the sounds of hustler music with the sounds of his native Trinidad, HeartBreak Redd’s music reflects hismid-90’s New Jersey upbringing while also shining bright lights on his lavish Miami lifestyle that he’s come to enjoy. Reflecting the pain of hustling and the streets while also glamorizing the Miami life, “Unfortunate” is a breakthrough song for Heartbreak Redd that will bring him into focus for the masses. The single is now available for fans on all the streaming platforms as of May 28th.

“It’s a real deep record and it’s basically just talking about, it’s Unfortunate, I guess basically that people have preyed on my downfall, you know what I am saying? Unfortunate, is a record that I recorded like three years ago. I recorded it in my old apartment, on Brickell. It was the first crib that I had, on the east side of 95 in Miami,” Hearbreak Redd said. “For the Summer we are working on getting organized and we’re working on some singles and so on and so forth. We’re just trying to, like, put out something that’s diversified, something that’s just attracting that more than one type of audience, but like, an accumulation of many audiences in a sense.”

Born in Trinidad but residing in Miami, Heartbreak Redd’s mom moved him to America  in the mid 90’s for better opportunities and he’s travelled back and forth from the U.S. to Trinidad ever since

“I was born in Trinidad, a lot of my childhood life in Trinidad. You know what I am saying? If you know anything about Trinidad, it’s a third world country so my mom came to America at an early age, to obviously sacrifice to get me here in America and she was successful. So I was able to come to America during the mid-90s and I’ve been going back and forth ever since,” Heartbreak said.  “As I grew up, I went through different phases as I traveled around to different states and so on and so forth. Then I ended up just parking for an undetermined amount of time right here in Miami, like the last four or five years.”

Speaking on his varied sound that combines Hip-Hop with Reggae, Soca Calypso, Heartbreak Redd’s sound is diverse and encompasses the diversity of Caribbean cultures that will help him develop that crossover appeal. 

“I am very diversified with the music that I put out, I don’t favor one type of style or type of individual. When I say style, I mean, in the same genre, where things always just sound similar. I just make music based on the feel, but like I said, I’m from Trinidad, so, I was raised up around Soca Calypso and Reggae, you know what I am saying? Then I came to America and got introduced to Hip-Hop real early, so, as I grew up, and went through different experiences and stuff like that in my life, I was able to grow on both ends, in a sense. I’m just being more diversified in making music and creating music in a sense.” 

Part of the importance for him to travel back and forth to Trinidad is that he invests and gives back to the community there, providing the youth with computers and musical instruments so that they can grow and advance their knowledge of recording music and creating songs. 

“When I was their age, not even eight, and I was way younger than them, I always wanted someone up in the states that could show me, talk to me and like tap in with me.  You want to do things for the youth, you want to send back some gear, you want to send back some equipment, you want to power up their passion and shit like that. It means everything to me, doing something for the future heads,” Heartbreak said. 

Anastasia – “Big Tuna”

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Today Anastasia Hera delivers her new single, “Big Tuna,” a song about being who you are and having pride in your life and identity. The song will find it’s home on her upcoming EP titled, This Is Anastasia.

Produced by Ty On Da Track, her new EP comes full circle bringing to light all the talents and abilities that Anastasia Hera has been showcasing, singing and songwriting behind the scenes for other artists. 

“Big Tuna is about feeling like a big fish in a small pond. It’s about taking up space, making noise, and being unapologetic about who you are. Big Tuna is how it feels to know what’s meant for me, and stepping proudly into my destiny,” Anastasia Hera said. “Anyone who strives for bigger and better will be able to relate to this record. However we move through this life, I believe it’s important to focus on confidence rather than competition. I think that comes through in the spirit of the song; in the lyrics, the delivery, and definitely the beat.”

Starting music at an early age as just a listener, Anastasia Hera would write out the lyrics to her favorite songs. When asked how she started making music she said she found her voice writing music for other artists as many singers and songwriters have done in the past. 

“I spent a few years writing songs for other artists, and eventually found my own voice. Once I decided what I wanted to say in my art, I started working on how to deliver it: clever lyrics, interesting cadences, catchy melodies, rich harmonies. But everything began with studying the craft,” she explained. 

Gearing up for the Summer, Anastasia Hera has been focused on developing new fans and capturing the live performances with her band. 

I’m looking forward to pushing my new EP, “This is Anastasia,” and earning some new fans. I really believe in this body of work, and I truly believe I can touch anyone with these songs. So I’m determined to present the songs to my fans in new and interesting ways. I’m putting my energy into filming groundbreaking visuals, capturing live performances with my band, and packaging this amazing work in innovative ways,” she added. SPOTIFYAPPLE

Anastasia – “Big Tuna”

Leintz – Santana (Hosted By DJ Kay Slay)

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Today Rocky Mountain based and New York raised rapper Leintz drops off new music for fans. Bouncing back after the birth of his son with a project adorning his son’s “Santana” name, this well travelled rapper/street entrepreneur is on a grind that’s starting to gain recognition across the game.

“The title of my project Santana speaks for itself since it’s a picture of me holding my son’s hands through a walkway of my old neighborhood in Queens. It’s my son’s name and the reason why I named it Santana was because he brought the hustle outta me ten times more and he motivates me to do better. I have a mouth to feed and he’s counting on me,” Leintz explained. “I named my son Santana because I was always fascinated with that name in the hopes that one day if I had a son, I was going to name him that.”

Branching out to the Colorado rap scene which is a lot different than Queens, New York rap scene, Leintz gives fans something that’s got a diverse sound with his Santana effort.

“The Colorado rap scene is dope. The Hip-Hop community in Colorado is very small since it’s more of a hippy/techno/country music kind of state with not much diversity but they got crazy lyricists and some ill producers and DJs.”

When asked how he connected with the rappers on the Colorado scene, Leintz said that he had been working on connecting with these artists featured on the project throughout high school and college.

“I connected with them my senior year in high school and all through college when I saw a couple cyphers/battles, etc. I didn’t know they had this much talent out here, but I’ve seen some of their performances and listened to their music and they really got something to say!”

Going forward Leintz looks to build on the success with continuing to have his records spun at major radio stations across the East Coast on his home turf.

“My plans to promote this project are to continue having my songs spin through Shade45, Hot97 and possibly other radio stations. I’m dropping more visuals to get to these blogs more and I’m building business relationships with these TikTok/Instagram influencers with heavy following and whatever I can get access to overall,” Leintz said.\

Fressh Rari – Standdd

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Southside Atlanta rapper Fressh Rari premieres the video for his new single “Standdd.” The video is shot and edited by KD Gray Song and guest stars Bosstec and Red Racks. The track was produced by AlexvnderWolf.

Breadwinner Kane Ft. Boosie – Shooters [Video]

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Breadwinner Kane partners with Boosie on his latest record “Shooters.” The song is scheduled to appear on Kane’s upcoming EP Street Certified. The EP features Fredo Bang, Zaytoven, Haitian Fresh, and more. Kane will be going on the We Outside Georgia college tour this July alongside Keezy and Vee Vixen. Follow Kane for updates on Instagram: @kanebwa and Twitter: @bwakane

LamarioStar Ft. Sy Ari da Kid – “Much Better” [Official Audio]

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LamarioStar’s “Much Better” featuring Sy Ari da Kid reaches RIAA certified Gold Record status 

Fusing heartfelt melodies to hard-hitting bars, LamarioStar is an emerging hip-hop artist from Connecticut who’s currently making his mark globally on the rap game. “Much Better” featuring Sy Ari da Kid is infused with electrifying energy and authentically dripped style. The R&B/hip hop hybrid track continues to attract new fans as the duo’s collaborative effort circulates the internet and airwaves.

Currently signed to Atlantic Records, LamarioStar’s songs have been touching the hearts of many for some time now. He weaves vivid pictures with words of real life experiences in a way so candid it feels like we’re right there with him. Over the years he’s worked with Rich Homie Quan, Yung La, Ty Dollar $ign, Lil Wayne, Quavo, Gucci Mane and Gold Link.

Follow on Instagram: @lamariostar1 @syaridakid

Fiend – “Swang On Me” Official Audio

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Fiend is back with another banger following his latest album T.G.I.F..

A message from Mr. International Jones:

“Peace survivors, soldiers, jets and taylors. Summer wouldn’t be official without some International Jones tunes. After making history putting my 90′ Cadillac Brougham (International Jones Edition) in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond,VA, we decided to release music to soundtrack such a monumental moment with the release of the swangers and slab anthem “Swang On Me” produced by Mile High Cees.

The exclusive T-Shirt as well available on Shout out to my Huntsville, Alabama team: Flee, Big Lee, and the rest of the team for assisting with pure magic. Enjoy, subscribe, and tell a friend.”

Follow Fiend on Instagram for updates: @504Fiend.